29. November 2023

Discover why Gatsby.js is the perfect choice for your business!

In today's digital age, having a website is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. However, many businesses are not taking full advantage of the power of the web, with outdated websites that lack the necessary technical features to reach their full potential. A technical upgrade could provide businesses with improved visibility, increased user engagement, and better customer service, all of which can help to increase sales and profitability.

As a small business owner, you know that you don't have the time or resources to hire an in-house web developer, but you still need to make sure that your website is able to meet the demands of modern web users. Fortunately, there is a way to make sure that your website can keep up with the latest trends and technology, without having to break the bank. With the help of Gatsby.js

What is Gatsby.js?

Gatsby.js (https://www.gatsbyjs.com/) is a free and open-source web framework based on React that allows developers to create fast, modern, and dynamic websites. It can be used to create blogs, e-commerce sites, and content-driven sites with ease. Gatsby.js utilizes modern technologies like React and GraphQL to make development faster, easier, and more efficient. With Gatsby.js, developers can create sites that are optimized for performance and SEO and are easy to maintain.

Gatsby.js is a powerful static site generator that is used to create modern web applications and websites. It utilizes React.js to build static pages from data and content, and it can integrate a variety of popular data sources, including WordPress and Contentful.

Here are some websites built with Gatsby:

  • Bizly (https://www.bizly.com/)
  • Bitcoin.com (https://www.bitcoin.com/)
  • Little Caesars (https://littlecaesars.com/en-us/)
  • Sendgrid (https://sendgrid.com/)

Many more examples can be found at gatsbyjs.com/showcase/ (https://www.gatsbyjs.com/showcase)

Why a fast website is so important?

A fast website is important for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it improves user experience, which can reduce bounce rates, increase page views, and improve overall customer satisfaction. Secondly, a fast website helps improve SEO rankings, as search engine algorithms prioritize websites that load quickly. Finally, a fast website helps to ensure your business is competitive, as customers often won't wait for slow-loading websites. It's important to choose a framework that is optimized for speed. That's where Gatsby.js comes in. It was created with speed and performance in mind. With the release of version 5, it's one of the fastest frameworks out there.

Try to test your own website here (https://pagespeed.web.dev/)

So, how can I use Gatsby.js to create my own website? (Dev talk)

Gatsby.js is a powerful tool for creating websites that is accessible to anyone, regardless of their coding experience. You can use the Gatsby CLI to create your own website with just a few simple commands.

First, install the Gatsby CLI:

npm install -g gatsby-cli

Next, create a new Gatsby site by running the command:

gatsby new my-site

This will create a new Gatsby site in a directory called my-site.

Then, you can start the development server to see your website:

cd my-site
gatsby develop

Finally, you can start customizing your website using Gatsby plugins and themes. To learn more about Gatsby, you can check out their official documentation.

What if you are a business owner and not a developer?

If you are not a developer, there is no way around it. You have to hire one, or if you are in a crunch you can use an agency to do the job.

But be aware that some agencies will build you a 'website' that looks great on the front end but is built with old technology that makes it impossible to scale and maintain over time. So better to hire a local developer that you can communicate with directly and make changes to the site as needed.

Can I build a gatsby website for your business?

I'm glad you asked! Of course, I can.

In fact, I've built many Gatsby websites for a variety of businesses. So whether you are looking for a basic website that showcases your products and services, or you are looking for a fully-featured e-commerce site with a custom CMS, I can help you.

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